Rider Boot Co.

Project Specs

Responsive Design
Video Backgrounds
Custom Theme Options

Luxury with Attitude

Rider Boot Company provides some of the highest quality boutique boots on the market. From wardrobe pieces in movies such as “Wolf of Wallstreet” to quality merchandise desired by those meticulously choosey about their fashion, Rider Boot is the definition of premium.

Built on WordPress and leveraging WooCommerce, a flexible and mature e-commerce platform, we worked with Rider Boot Company to build a site that reflects not only the quality of its merchandise but also the raw attitude of its owner, Ron Rider

Rider boot was completed in partnership with our friends at Strange Wind Studio.


Hello Rider Boot

No matter what device you use to visit Rider Boot you’ll be greeted with a page filled with well-formatted content. Thanks to the responsive design of the new site, Rider Boot customers are able to have a flawless experience across the board. Apple just released a new 13″ iPad Pro? It’ll work great with Rider Boot.


Shopping on the move

We made sure that the mobile experience for Rider Boot was exceptionally easy for customers to use. In 2012, people spent $25 billion on purchases made from phones and tablets, an increase of 81 percent from the year before. That number isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon. We made sure Rider Boot was prepared to handle mobile traffic with grace.


Management in style

By leveraging WooCommerce on top of WordPress we were able to provide Rider Boot with an incredibly easy to use e-commerce platform. This simple but powerful content management system means Rider Boot can spend less time and energy on product entry and content formatting, and more time and energy on bringing their quality merchandise to market.